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Frequently Asked

What are the formalities for IAG membership ?

You can submit the online form for membership and our office will contact you after verifying the preliminary details and instruct you regarding the payment process and necessary documents which you need to submit. 

When is the next GERICON scheduled ?

GERICON 2023 is scheduled in September 2023 at AIIMS – New Delhi

We would like to associate with IAG. Who do we contact regarding business relations ?

All professional and business related queries can be addressed to the general secretary whose contact details are provided below. Alternatively you can associate with regional chapters through the contacts provided. 

How do I subscribe to the IAG Journal ?

Please visit the journal website for the latest edition which is available for free online. In case you would like to subscribe please contact the editorial team directly. 

Contact Details for communication

Joint Secretary (HQ)

Dr Bijin Oliver John

10/2, Jagajeevanram street,

Anandapuram, East Tambaram, Chennai 600 059,
Tamil Nadu.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +919840381851

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