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Indian Academy of Geriatrics was formed  by  pioneers in  field of Geriatrics …


The current governing body of IAG was elected in 2024 for a term of two years… 


 The IAG has identified 8 different local chapters recognized and functioning under it….

About IAG

The Indian Academy of Geriatrics (IAG) was formed by a group of academically excellent clinicians interested in the field of Geriatrics from across the country in the year 2002. Since its inception, the Academy has been involved in training health care professionals from all over the country in Geriatrics by conducting annual conferences and continuing medical education programs. It has been actively involved in influencing policy decisions of the government with regards to care of older persons. Currently, the IAG is a thousand member strong community of health care professionals committed to taking better care of older persons in our country. In addition, many state and city chapters of the Indian academy of Geriatrics are actively involved in equipping clinicians to individualize treatment for each older person with an aim to provide holistic care to these people.

The Indian Academy of Geriatrics was established in 2002, with a vision to improve the quality of life, and decrease the morbidity and mortality in people over the age of sixty living in India. It also aimed to invest in the body of scientific evidence regarding ageing and the assorted baggage it carries – multimorbidity, polypharmacy, and psychosocial problems.

The annual GERICON (Geriatric Conference) provides a platform where senior academicians from all over the country and overseas cover topics ranging from cutting edge technology to easing of carer burden. Various workshops held during this conference enables the postgraduate to hone on his or her skills in dealing with common geriatric problems they face at all levels of care. The local chapters of the Academy conduct Continuing Medical Education programs on issues which are relevant to the community they reach out to, thus stimulating the general practitioner to add a geriatric flavour to their assessments.

The quarterly Journal, showcases both original and review articles by renowned geriatricians and their postgraduates. This journal is peer reviewed. The Student chapter of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics is a very vibrant wing, and holds various competitions/talks/webinars all the year round. Over a thousand students from forty-two medical
colleges belong to this chapter, and while learning the nuances of geriatrics, they also enjoy the fun side of dealing with, being with, and caring for the older persons in the community.

So, whatever walk of life you belong to, you are welcome to join this Academy, which gives you a platform to learn, develop, grow and mature into a doctor who does a comprehensive geriatric assessment and walks with the older person through life in the ‘circle of love’.

Dr Surekha V, MD(Med), FRCP

President, Indian Academy of Geriatrics










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“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

― Tia Walker