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Indian Academy of Geriatrics was formed  by  pioneers in  field of Geriatrics …


The current governing body of IAG was elected in 2022 for a term of two years… 


 The IAG has identified 8 different local chapters recognized and functioning under it….

About IAG

The Indian Academy of Geriatrics (IAG) was formed by a group of academically excellent clinicians interested in the field of Geriatrics from across the country in the year 2002. Since its inception, the Academy has been involved in training health care professionals from all over the country in Geriatrics by conducting annual conferences and continuing medical education programs. It has been actively involved in influencing policy decisions of the government with regards to care of older persons. Currently, the IAG is a thousand member strong community of health care professionals committed to taking better care of older persons in our country. In addition, many state and city chapters of the Indian academy of Geriatrics are actively involved in equipping clinicians to individualize treatment for each older person with an aim to provide holistic care to these people.

Since the year 2002, the Indian Academy of Geriatrics has been India’s largest professional body of academicians working for the advancement of the body of science in the speciality of Geriatric Medicine. We are a community with a shared vision that every older person will receive accessible, affordable, universally available, dedicated, comprehensive and quality holistic care while preserving individual dignity and autonomy.
With our local chapters working at regional level we aim to improve healthcare aiming towards  successful, healthy, functional and independent aging through a life course approach.
We welcome internists and geriatricians to join us and watch their careers grow as humane, conscientious doctors with a sharper clinical acumen and a wider knowledge base. We work with a focus on improving academics and research in our country while creating an international presence with conscience and passion.
If you are a dedicated and committed physician or a geriatrician looking to update your knowledge, sharpening your acumen and widening your network, the Academy is the right place for you.
Dr Ashish Goel MD, MPH

President, Indian Academy of Geriatrics


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“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

― Tia Walker