Geriatric Physician

Role in Medical Care

As people age there is a sense of urgency to contribute their wisdom to the society. A senior person should thus be construed as a national treasure whose expertise is of immense value to their families, community and country as a whole. Health care and wellbeing of these priceless individuals is a specialist responsibility requiring the right attitude and meticulous training.

Geriatrics is a team based, person centered care which applies the principles of robust clinical practice. The challenge is unique in that the aimvaries in each patient. This might involve uncovering an atypical presentation of a medical illness, pruning medications that are unnecessary, identifying social and psychological barriers etc. At other times, principles of palliative medicine may have to be adopted. In all these instances, the priority of the geriatric team is on ensuring that older people enjoy the best possible quality of life.


When does one need to consult a Geriatrician?

  • When the treatments are complex requiring many specialists
  • When an older person starts having decline in memory or mobility which makes them unable to function on their own
  • When an older person is taking too many medications or using complicated treatment regimens
  • When an older person’s medical condition causes considerable impairment
  • When older people suffer from frailty which tends to happen after the age of 60years or earlier and makes them vulnerable to adverse health outcomes
  • When older people are hospitalized – a comprehensive geriatric assessment by the geriatric team can assist in discharge planning and other treatment decisions.